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Builds web software and apps for small business to Fortune 500 companies such as:

Before we met, most of these companies stuggled with...

Learning Management Systems

Whether using free or proprietary systems, most organizations need features and configurations outside of what most off-the-shelf software offers. Companies that have partnered with Shout Media get robust standard LMS features AND all the features needed to make it work FOR the organization and not the other way around.

Custom Record, Document, Form Management

Sick of workarounds? Before we work with clients, they are using duct-taped together solutions that are unreliable or hard to use. At Shout Media, your project manager is a assetseloper with over a decade experience in building big systems. For our clients, duct-tape is a thing of the past.

Custom Marketing Websites

Most web agencies are looking to jam your business into a template after you sign the contract instead of looking hard for opportunities to build a site unique to your business. Memorable visits do not come from cookie cutter web templates.

Then we meet to sketch out a way forward:
each website solution built uniquely, to match its business goals

Each solution built is in response to a business problem or need, instead of trying to fit you into a template meant for nobody in particular as many sales people try to corner you into. There are many stories to tell, unfortunately.

Advantages to this approach
  • Memorable impressions
  • No compromise on features
  • Long lasting (stays fresh for 5-10 years)
  • Low maintainence and vulnerability
  • Naturally efficient
Disadvantages to this approach
  • Takes more effort to build upfront
  • The bar is higher for content
  • Updates take a personal touch
  • No inheriting new features "for free"
  • You're on the hook for maintainence

Not sure about the next step in your project or how to move on from broken software?
There's a way forward, let's talk!

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